Other Abstractions // 13.12.2014 – 10.01.2015 // Nitra Gallery, Thessaloniki


Olly Fathers (UK) - Anabel Leiner (DE) - David Wightman (UK) – 
Theodoros Zafeiropoulos (GR) – Vaggelis Theodoridis (GR)

The exhibition features artists that deal with contemporary abstraction. For these artists it is not an end in itself, but rather the result of an experimentation process with new media.
The show highlights the catalytic role of materiality and technique in the contemporary quest of abstraction. Materials like canvas, wood, glass and also the diverse mediums of new technologies, photography, painting and sculpture contribute to the development of a new language of abstraction that traces the evolution of Contemporary Art.

Opening: Saturday 13 December, 12.00
Duration: 13 December 2014 – 10 January 2015

Nitra Gallery participates in the Gallery Weekend (13th-14th December 2014) organized by Art Athina International Art Fair.

Nitra Gallery
51 Philippou street
546 31 Thessaloniki
t. +30 2310 285 890

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